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Feb 28th, 2012 Oscar-Winning Smiles in Central London Get in touch

758140_blog1And the Oscar for the most award winning smile in central London goes to….you maybe, wouldn’t that be nice?

Well it is not that far from your reach, because in the city right now are some of the most prestigious treatments imaginable to get your teeth looking unbelievable.

But first, you need to sit down with your dentist and look at your mouth, as an artist would look at a blank canvas. Getting your teeth straight is the way to start and although it may take a while, once done you can move to the next stage. If your teeth are in pretty good shape, this stage becomes a piece of cake, as all you will need is a really good whitening and there are the top drawer laser treatments on the market right now.

Zoom! whitening is so en vogue right now because of its TV fame, but also because it gives startling results for such a small outlay. However, so does the Enlighten Tooth Whitening system and this technique has even won plaudits from all areas of the dental world, because after the treatment, you couldn’t tell your teeth from pure porcelain.

If you need a little more than a bleaching after your teeth have suffered from the ageing process, veneers can give equal results and hide so many sins. Essentially, there is nothing a dentist can’t do to put you on the red carpet if you have the inclination, foresight and endeavour to get up there amongst the best of them.

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