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Sep 2nd, 2014 Our Gentle London Dentists Provide Painless Bonding Get in touch

18625044At Aqua Dental we aim to treat all our patients with minimal pain. We use the latest techniques and a gentle touch to provide you with amazing results and painless treatment. Dental bonding is a highly effective solution for chipped and worn teeth and if you’re an anxious patient or you have a fear of pain, you’ll be delighted to hear that there are no needles, no drilling and no need to worry at all. With this amazing procedure, we can give you a beautiful smile in just one hour.

About dental bonding repairs

Dental bonding is a technique used to repair worn and chipped teeth and improve the shape and look of the teeth; it can also be used to close gaps between the teeth. Usually, this treatment focuses on individual teeth, but it has a dramatic impact on the overall look of the smile. The procedure is sometimes known as composite or cosmetic bonding.

Bonding involves using a material called dental composite to make minor changes to the teeth. Composite is soft and malleable and it can be hardened using a curing light. Your Aqua Dental dentist uses their skill to shape the composite to build up worn tooth surfaces, fill in a chip or decrease the size of a gap between two teeth and the composite is then set; this is done by simply shining a curing light onto the material.

How long does treatment take and will I feel any pain?

Bonding produces amazing results, but perhaps the most amazing thing about it is the simplicity of the procedure. Treatment is usually complete within an hour and there is no pain involved, so you don’t need to worry about having injections or dealing with numbness once you climb out of the dental chair. This treatment is hugely beneficial for people who have minor aesthetic flaws and it really can transform the smile.

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