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Jul 13th, 2010 Over-the-counter teeth whitening information at London dentist Get in touch

We all know the classic Hollywood look: the beautiful skin, the perfect hair and the radiant, beaming white smile. It would seem that it is impossible to have teeth that are naturally that white and you would be partially right to think that. While the teeth of your favourite Hollywood start have probably been treated, the good news is that the same treatments are probably now available to you in your local dentist surgery.

In fact, London dentists now even offer over the counter products you can use at home to have whiter teeth. Teeth whitening can be carried out in the dentist surgery using higher strength products but more diluted treatments are also available at home. You will be provided with a tray to place the active ingredient, usually hydrogen peroxide, against the enamel surface of the teeth. There it will slowly penetrate until it bleaches the discoloured areas of the teeth.

Home whitening treatments are not as effective as surgery treatments but they can still be used very effectively and will make your smile look better over time. The other major benefit of the over-the-counter treatment is the price. They are usually much cheaper than the in-surgery treatments and because they are not as strong, there is little risk of experiencing any pain or damage as a result of treatment. You can find out more about over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments by asking your London dentist at your next check up appointment. They will be able to recommend the correct treatment that would be most suitable for your teeth.

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