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May 9th, 2010 Overcome dental phobia with help from City of London dentist Get in touch

Fear can be a very powerful thing. It can make us avoid situations, cause panic and nausea and in some cases cause a complete paralysis. Anyone who has experienced severe fear, or phobia, will tell you how distressing it can be and how much you try to avoid any situation that could cause an adverse reaction. In many cases of phobia, the object in question is easily avoided. Spiders for example do not play a large part on most of our lives on a day to day basis but your teeth certainly do. Looking after your teeth is important and will hopefully help you avoid any nasty dental complications. But what if you are afraid of the dentist to the point you can’t ever bring yourself to visit for a check up or even more importantly, for treatment?

Dental phobia is a very real and damaging fear that prevents many thousands of people in the UK receiving the treatment they need to keep their teeth healthy. But there are ways to successfully overcome dental phobia without resorting to extreme measures. Many dental phobias are caused by past traumatic experiences. In many cases this occurred when the patient was child. It is important to realise that dentistry in the modern world is very different to how it was forty, thirty of even twenty years ago. Modern dentists are more attuned to the fear of many patients. They are specially trained to help patients overcome anxiety and will employ certain methods to help you obtain the treatment you need.

One of the simplest ways to overcome dental phobia is simply to talk to a dentist. This will often help to alleviate certain fears caused by not knowing what treatment involves. Other successful methods include teaching self-relaxation methods such as breathing exercises and also using calming aromatherapy. Ask your City of London dentist about how you can overcome your fears.

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