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Mar 11th, 2011 Overcoming Dental Phobia in the City of London Get in touch

Phobias in life are a problem that can stop us getting on with everyday life. They stifle our confidence and stop us from doing things that we are missing out on and would probably love, if only we could get over them. But when they start to prevent us from going to the doctor or the dentist, they are seriously putting our health at risk. Having a dental phobia can prevent us from having the basic treatments we need: our teeth and gums can suffer, become unhealthy and unsightly, making us withdraw into ourselves, and trip-up our confidence…..on and on it dominoes. Confronting the problem is the only answer to stop it escalating and there is no better person trained in the city of London that understands this more than your dentist. Consulting with your dentist, as scary as it sounds, is the answer. They will listen to your problems, allow you to express your fears behind simply being at the dentist, your fear of dental pain, needles, the fear of walking through the dreaded dentist’s door, and then of course, they will be in a better position to offer treatments and sedations that will make your procedures more comfortable. One, simple sitting with your dentist, can help you to understand and identify your issues, allow you to be part of the decision making of how your teeth are treated and exorcise the phobias that can threaten your health in the long run.

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