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Jan 9th, 2014 Packing away Periodontal Disease in London W1 Get in touch

18625010When things start to go wrong with your mouth in London W1, you can be rest assured that the catalyst behind all of it is the development of plaque in the mouth. Plaque is a damn awful nasty and once it is allowed to roam free, it will harden to tartar, thus infecting your gums and decaying your teeth. There is no happy ending to this and if you are too ignorant to do anything about it, it will start to rot your jawbone and you will lose your teeth, as well as doing untold damage to the rest of your body; you are now into the wild waters of periodontal disease. The more this chain of events is allowed to go on, the more difficult the treatments become and the more expensive it will be to you. Recovery from all of this at this stage could well involve bone and tissue grafts- a dentist doesn’t like to lose a tooth, but the surgery will be painful and complex. If you look after yourself in the first place by watching what you put in your mouth, and by keeping on top of your game with your oral hygiene, you can avoid going done this horrible and vicious periodontal road.

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