Oral hygiene tips from your Hatch End dentist June 10th, 2019

Do you have sensitive teeth? Gums that bleed while you brush? Or are you concerned about your bad breath? If so, read on for Aqua Dental Clinic’s tips for better oral hygiene. These tips are easy to implement and don’t take loads of time or expensive equipment.
Gum bleeding
If you have a problem with bleeding of gums or irritation, you may be over-brushing. Use a gentle up-and-down brushing motion and don’t be […]

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Straightening teeth and aligning jaws in Hatch End June 1st, 2019

Would you be surprised to learn that dental health is just as much concerned with the jaws and face as the teeth?
In fact, dentistry has its very own discipline dealing with these aspects, which are more closely aligned to oral health than most people think.
The science is orthodontics – derived from the Greek words ortho, meaning straight and odons, – or tooth.
Readers might rightly ask what on earth straight teeth have […]

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Custom mouth guards and smile protectors in North London May 22nd, 2019

Extreme sports are growing in popularity. These days, mountain biking and ice-skating are just as likely to appear on holiday itineraries as cocktails and sunbathing.

Meanwhile, at home, the rise of mixed martial arts and other combat sports have made a huge leap forward in popularity.

All this keeps dentists very busy treating cracked, broken and even missing teeth from sports injuries that could easily be avoided with a simple, inexpensive device.

Mouth guards were originally developed by a […]

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Overcoming early fears May 15th, 2019

It’s a sad truth that dentists are among the most feared people on earth. Along with killer clowns, extra-terrestrials and demons from the bowels of hell, dentists have featured as the terrifying antagonist of many a horror flick.

Unsurprisingly, this has done little to help the reputation of dentists – most of whom are about as scary as a cuddly toy. Neither does it help sufferers of odontophobia – or fear of dentists. Around half of the UK population suffers this […]

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Brush better with Hatch End’s Aqua Dental Clinic May 8th, 2019

Did you know wrong brushing techniques lead to tooth decay? Tooth decay in children is mainly due to improper brushing techniques which are then carried over to adulthood.
Introducing your child to our pedodontist in Hatch End is always a good idea and children can be encouraged to learn proper brushing techniques to save their teeth.
Brushing just two times a day will help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. If you’re […]

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Oral health – common issues May 1st, 2019

Many people assume that when dental health is good, it automatically follows that oral health must be good too.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

This fallacy is one of the reasons why the lengthy training undertaken by dentists advocates a holistic approach to health which looks after both dental and oral health.

So what’s the difference?

Dental health generally refers to the teeth, including issues such as dental erosion, tooth decay and root canal problems. Oral health, however, […]

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Lumineers in North London April 25th, 2019

Every now and then a revolutionary new treatment comes along which addresses a huge range of dental issues.

One such treatment is the Lumineer veneers. These ultra-thin veneers are about the same thickness as a contact lens. Unlike ordinary veneers, they require minimal tooth preparation to apply and – in some cases – no preparation whatsoever.

Lumineers are produced using extremely thin porcelain, patented by high-tech dental company Cerinate. They can be used to treat all kinds of dental problems, […]

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Spinach and interdental-cleaning April 18th, 2019

Ever get caught with a piece of spinach stuck between your teeth? Rather embarrassing, isn’t it. And as funny as that may sound, in terms of dental hygiene it’s a prime example of the way in which things can go wrong if left unattended.
The subject here is of course interdental teeth cleaning, or in layman’s terms: cleaning between your teeth. And, even though cleaning intradentally one of the easiest ways to combat gum disease, tooth decay and gingivitis, it’s one […]

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Hatch End dentists show how to use mouthwash April 11th, 2019

Many people use mouthwash as part of their dental hygiene. It definitely helps to cut out bad breath and other dental related problems.

But do you know exactly what a mouthwash is and what it contains? Are you wondering how to use it effectively to protect your teeth? If so, read on to hear Aqua Dental Clinic’s tips and facts about mouthwash and its use.

Most mouthwashes and rinses are designed to be used only after brushing. […]

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Preparing your child for a dental visit April 1st, 2019

For many children, a visit to the dentist is about as scary as it gets. Unfamiliar smells, the whine of the drill – not to mention the frightening man in a mask who keeps putting his fingers in your mouth – all of these add up to an unpleasant experience that borders on the terrifying.

Thankfully, there are a few easy steps you can follow to ease fears and make the experience easier for your child, yourself […]

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