Preparing your child for a dental visit April 1st, 2019

For many children, a visit to the dentist is about as scary as it gets. Unfamiliar smells, the whine of the drill – not to mention the frightening man in a mask who keeps putting his fingers in your mouth – all of these add up to an unpleasant experience that borders on the terrifying.

Thankfully, there are a few easy steps you can follow to ease fears and make the experience easier for your child, yourself […]

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Zoom Teeth Whitening in North London March 25th, 2019

Talk to any dentist about teeth whitening and they’re sure to mention Zoom. The treatment is an effective, convenient way to restore teeth back to a natural, whiter colour.

Zoom teeth whitening is usually applied over a few dental appointments lasting around 30-60 minutes. A rubber dam and shielding gel are used to isolate the teeth most in need of whitening and make sure other teeth and parts of the mouth don’t come into contact with the whitening gel.

Zoom whitening gel […]

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Filling Hatch End potholes on-by-one March 18th, 2019

Busted suspension, flat tyres, dents and bumps – if you’ve ever had the misfortune to come off worst in the fight between vehicle and pothole, you’ll know just how damaging they can be.

Here in North London, the system for reporting potholes is fairly simple, though not always effective. Let the council know and a team should show up fairly quickly to fill in the offending hole. But more often, potholes are left to languish and cause untold problems […]

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Oral cancer screenings in Hatch End March 11th, 2019

Oral cancer is one of the less well known killers. It can occur in any part of the mouth, though it usually has its beginnings on the tongue or the floor of the mouth.

It’s most common in older men, with excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol both major contributing factors.

Despite being one of the less talked about forms of cancer, oral cancer is among the biggest killers. In fact, with around 8000 cases reported every year, […]

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Your guide to pre-school dental health March 4th, 2019

Baby’s first teeth aren’t always met with the same joy as first words or first steps. That’s because teething can be a painful process for infants and the appearance of teeth means more work for parents as they begin integrating dental hygiene into an already punishing new-parent schedule.

It may come as a surprise to learn that the best dental hygiene routines begin well before the first teeth begin to appear.

Cleaning Gums

Particularly surprising is the number of parents who […]

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North London Dental Clinic Treats Teeth Grinding February 25th, 2019

Bruxism sounds like one of those medieval conditions which bring the sufferer out in angry boils and welts.

The truth is far more prosaic, not to mention less grizzly.

Bruxism is the name for a condition affecting millions of us. If you’ve ever suffered problems from grinding teeth while either asleep or awake – then congratulations: You’ve suffered from bruxism and lived to tell the tale!

Most people who grind their teeth do so in their sleep and may be unaware […]

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Brace yourself for straighter teeth February 18th, 2019

Like many aspects of appearance, perfect smiles are often a matter of winning the genetic lottery. Not everyone is born with Tom Cruise teeth and even those of us who are blessed with a grin to die for would often kill for just a few minor tweaks to straighten and align to perfection.

What causes these niggling imperfections?

Well, there are are many reasons why teeth might stray from the straight-and-narrow, with results that vary from a couple of crooked offenders right […]

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Keep calm and visit Hatch End: The rise of tooth tourism February 11th, 2019

Travel is cheaper than ever. While Brits increasingly look to capitalise on this by travelling to to destinations like Mexico, India, Pakistan and Thailand to save money on cosmetic treatments not available on the NHS, things tend to work the other way around when it comes to dentistry.

A recent influx of foreign travellers eager to make the most of the UK’s relatively cheap private dental care has earned the name ‘tooth tourism’. The fad is quickly becoming […]

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Is Mercury Dental Amalgam a health concern in North London? February 4th, 2019

In recent decades there has been much discussion about the safety of mercury amalgam fillings. Unfortunately, the debate has been marred by much misinformation.

Mercury amalgam is the silver-coloured material used to fill cavities. It is made from almost equal parts of liquid mercury and a mixture of metallic powder containing silver, tin, zinc, copper and other metals. The mixture is very durable and cost-effective, especially compared to tooth-coloured resin composites and glass ionomer cement.

The argument goes […]

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Teeth whitening – know your options January 27th, 2019

Do you worry about your teeth turning yellow or getting discoloured?
Before you start considering which teeth-whitening procedure would be appropriate for you, it helps to know the causes of discolouration. The most common include aging, accidents, medicines, and – of course – what you eat and drink.
Ascertaining the cause of stains and discolouration helps your dentist to  identify the best procedure to resolve this problem.
Here in North London, there’s a wide […]

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