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Oct 20th, 2009 Pain-free Damon braces form City of London dentist Get in touch

As technology progresses in all fields, equipment tends to get smaller and more efficient. The same is true of dental technology and is particularly useful for the purposes of orthodontic treatment. For years the only option for patients was to have the intrusive and uncomfortable old-style metal braces, but in the last few years advances have been made that has made the wearing of braces more tolerable. One system in particular offers rapid and discreet orthodontic brace treatment. Damon braces offer patients friction-free wires and brackets for a more comfortable straightening experience. It also has the advantage of not requiring as many painful extractions before application for it to be effective, which can be one of the major drawbacks for conventional braces. In place of extractions, Damon braces use palatal expanders to increase the room for overcrowded teeth to straighten.

To increase the speed of treatment, Damon braces use special self-ligating wires and a friction-free movement mechanism. On average Damon braces achieve results six-months faster than ordinary metal braces and the self-ligating wires remove the need for regular tightening which can be an uncomfortable experience for patients. Damon braces do also not require metal or elastic ties which are often the cause for soft tissue irritation. Elastic wires can also be the cause of bacteria build up in the mouth because they are very difficult to clean properly. This bacteria can cause tooth decay, gum disease and staining of the teeth. This means that Damon braces also help to preserve the oral health of the patient while straightening the teeth.

Although it must be said that Damon braces are not as discreet as invisible retainer or other metal retainers on the market, they are more discreet than the old metal braces. Because parts of the brackets are made form ceramic and clear plastic they definitely do reduce the visual impact of a metal brace. They also have the advantage of working in a much shorter time period.

Damon braces cost slightly more than normal orthodontic braces but because of the speed and comfort of the procedure, more and more patients are choosing to use the Damon system. Ask a City of London dentist about Damon braces and straighten your teeth without the pain.

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