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Apr 26th, 2011 Painless Dentistry with Waterlase in Central London Get in touch

It is a credit to how far dentistry has come when you can use the words ‘dentist’ and ‘painless’ in the same sentence. You certainly would not have heard it from your grand parent’s lips. But it’s all down to technology, because dentists are starting to move away from the scalpel and the drill, two things by the very nature of how they work, cause pain and leave you sore after treatment. No, dentists in central London are now moving towards a radical new treatment called Waterlase, that does all of the jobs that a scalpel and drill once did, but by using a laser. The applications and benefits of this treatment are staggering; it can be used for root canals and the removal of tooth decay, fillings, the placing of holes for implants and the removal of gum tissue; and because of its accuracy, it reduces the amount of vibration and pressure on the area it is working on and causes a minimal amount of damage to skin tissue too, meaning there is very little trauma and bleeding, making recovery times quicker. In most instances, it also removes the need for anaesthetics- meaning one thing, it must be pain free! Anyone that has a phobia about visiting should certainly sit up and take notice of this treatment and it will make the work of dentist a lot easier too when dealing with a difficult patient.

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