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Jul 21st, 2010 Painless surgery with Waterlase at London W1 dentist Get in touch

Dental technology is advancing all the time. New tools and devices are being used to improve the quality and efficiency of treatment and one such device is the new Waterlase laser tool which uses a gentle spray of water to make dental treatments more comfortable and less unpleasant for patients. A relief, I’m sure for those of you who aren’t exactly keen on going to the dentist . Unlike the old-fashioned dentist’s drill, which uses heat, vibration and pressure to be effective, Waterlase lessens the impact on the mouth meaning patients require less anaesthetic and in some cases, none at all.

With Waterlase, your appointments will not last as long and you will be free to carry on your normal business much sooner and with far less discomfort. You also most likely wont need a nasty anaesthetic injection before surgery, common with other tools. This has understandably made Waterlase very popular with patients. For dentists, it means that operations and procedures can be carried out quicker and with fewer appointments.

Lasers themselves are not new to dentistry but the revolutionary use of water with Waterlase has improved upon the existing technology. Lasers can be used in many dental procedures including for fillings, crowns and root canal surgery. The other benefits of lasers at London W1 dentists are that they sterilise the wounds and make recovery time quicker. They can also cauterize any open tissue making the chance of infection significantly less. Ask your dentist about the new Waterlase technology for your next procedure.

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