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May 17th, 2011 Patients with crooked teeth get braces fitted by Central London dentists Get in touch

Braces are a very clever piece of engineering that has fixed the crooked teeth of many millions of dental patients. From a few teeth which are out of place to major alignment and bite issues, braces can straighten them all out and give patients uniformly straight teeth which are not only pleasing to look at but also more effective.

They work using a system of brackets and wires. The brackets are securely attached to the front of the teeth using strong dental composite. Then your dentist will thread wires through the brackets. Over a period of time – on average, eighteen months or so – your dentist will tighten these wires as appropriate so that your teeth are gradually moved into the desired positions.

A number of newer products are now available on the market, which perform similar functions to the traditional metal brace but none of them possess the ability to rectify all of the possible issues which might affect your teeth. Some of these new treatments are more discreet, some are removable and some of them work at increased speeds but often they are only effective in the case of minor alignment issues.

The boost to your confidence that comes with having a straight set of teeth is something that is immediately noticeable. Suddenly social situations become easier as you are able to show off your smile; a great social tool which puts other people at ease.

Wearing a brace is a big commitment that you will undertake possible for several years. If you have any concerns or queries about it you should book and appointment to talk to your Central London dentist and find out all the relevant information.

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