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Sep 19th, 2012 Perfect teeth with Porcelain Crowns in London W1 Get in touch

If you have to have some restoration work done in the mouth, your London W1 dentist will probably err on something that is made from porcelain because it is probably the closest material that matches the natural enamel of the teeth. Crowns have become an important element in restoration work and are used in procedures such as dental bridges, implants and root canals. Bridges are a popular choice when it comes to tooth loss and crowns are perfect for plugging up the holes. Hot on the heels of the bridge in the popularity stakes is the dental implant: once it has been fitted into the jaw, a porcelain crown can be attached to complete the job. When it comes to root canal treatment, in order to save the tooth, it must be cleared of decay and then capped with a crown in order to restore its original shape and size. In all of these treatments, a porcelain crown looks great, but porcelain can be fragile, so when it comes to doing work towards the back of the mouth, which suffers from a lot more forces than the front teeth, porcelain-over-metal crowns are used because of their strength.

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