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Jun 9th, 2011 Periodontal Disease in London W1 Get in touch

One of the greatest battles you and your teeth are going to have to face throughout your life is against periodontal disease. It’s thought that 75% of people in London W1 will have trouble with the problem in some form, at some stage of their lives, but the consequences are very damaging to the teeth, gums and the health of the body. It all begins with bad oral hygiene- poor flossing and brushing, which allows a build up of plaque in the mouth. Gum disease follows quickly, poisoning the blood and then tooth decay sets in and inevitably, you will start to lose your teeth. Your gums are a dead give away that you have a problem- they may bleed and recede. But identify the disease and do something about it as quickly as possible, and you have a great chance of destroying it. Your dentist will be able to clean/scale the areas you can’t and treat them, but in the end it’s you that has to step up to the mark and get your daily oral hygiene program up to scratch so that the problem doesn’t return. You’re going to have to re-evaluate the way you brush, what you brush with, how to floss and be sure to look at herbal alternatives too. You must never fall into the mistakes you did before.

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