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Oct 20th, 2010 Periodontal examination from Central London dentist saves tooth Get in touch

A periodontal examination is a way of assessing the health of the teeth and gums and examining for the signs of dental conditions such as decay and gingivitis. Central London dentists examines the teeth and gums for the signs of bruxism, receding gums and even the symptoms of oral cancer.

Here is a breakdown of what your dentist will do during a standard periodontal examination:

Firstly, they will check for lumps or any other unusual areas in the mouth. These could indicate oral cancer or could be the sign of a dental infection. If they are unsure about any suspicious areas you may be referred to a specialist. The dentists will also examine the teeth to see if any are loose or if there are any other significant problems with their structure.

The dentist will also examine the size, shape and texture of the gums. Any unusual discolouration, swelling or different shaping could be an indication of gum disease which will need immediate treatment. The dentist will also examine the teeth and gums for plaque and tartar, the two substances responsible for gum disease and tooth decay.

As well as these problems the dentist will also be looking for the signs of receding gums, measuring the occlusion (the way the teeth sit together when they are closed and when they are chewing). Any problems they discover will then be treated immediately if possible or an appointment for further treatment arranged. Treating dental problems early in this way will mean that you have the best chance of avoiding complicated and costly dental treatment in the future.

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