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Mar 31st, 2014 Periodontal Pains? West London Is Here To Help Get in touch

3982072_blogGum disease is one of the most common preventable illnesses, but if you have bleeding or painful gums, we are here to help!

Signs of gum disease

Gum disease is a progressive condition, so it’s really beneficial to be aware of the warning signs so that you can act quickly. In its mild form, known as gingivitis, gum disease is easy to treat with good oral hygiene; however, advanced gum disease is much more serious and it causes permanent damage to your mouth. The most common warning signs of gum disease including sore, swollen and tender gums and bleeding, which is usually visible when you brush your teeth. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should give us a call to make an appointment.

How can we help patients with gum disease?

If gum disease is spotted early, it can usually be treatment fairly simply with oral hygiene treatments. We can give your mouth a thorough clean and remove plaque and bacteria to prevent irritation and reduce pain and swelling. In cases where gum disease has become more advanced (this is known as periodontal disease), more intensive, long-term treatment is needed and you will be advised to attend regular sessions with your dentist and a dental hygienist.

Scaling, polishing and root planing may be recommended for patients with gum disease. A scale and polish is designed to banish bacteria and remove plaque, while also giving the teeth a healthy shine, while root planing targets the area underneath the gum line.

We are firm believers that prevention is better than cure and we encourage all our patients in London to stick to a good daily oral hygiene regime and to see their dentist for 6 monthly check-ups to keep gum disease at bay!

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