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Jul 12th, 2013 Picking Out Your Porcelain Veneers In West London Get in touch

2977218_blogTeeth aren’t indestructible: in some people they will decay a lot quicker as the years role by; gaps can start to show, the teeth can lose their length through wear, become yellowed and the gums can start to recede. When this starts to happen, the only remedy is to have some cosmetic work done and with issues like these, the remedy that everyone loves in west London are porcelain veneers. You are first prepared by your dentist by removing the old enamel from the surfaces of the teeth, and then a mould is pushed up onto your teeth and the gums. From this, your new veneers will be made, which could take maybe a couple of weeks to do, but they will be made to lengthen your teeth, hide away gaps and to cover up any signs of receding gums. Once they have been made, the dentist will carefully put cement on your teeth and place the veneers into position. Then the cement is set with a heat lamp, and then your veneers cleaned and polished. When your dentist first puts a mirror in front of you, you’ll be overwhelmed by what you see: porcelain is beautiful and to think, it now sits in your mouth! Gone are all those nasty flaws and you now have a smile that you thought you had lost years ago. The veneers are strong- they multiply in strength when they are cemented in and as long as you avoid damaging them in the future, they can last over 15 years.

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