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Dec 7th, 2011 Plaque and the Dangers in the City of London Get in touch

Plaque is one of those evil snipers that stalks all of our mouths in the city of London and can catch you out when you least expect it. It only takes hours for plaque to develop in the mouth, when the residue from food is allowed to form bacteria around the teeth. Now, good oral hygiene will generally be enough to stop this from happening; good brushing with good brushes and good toothpastes, along with flossing should be enough to stop this problem, some products are directly designed to fight this. But, let’s face it, we are not all that observant when it comes to doing the right thing on a day-to-day basis when it comes to cleaning our teeth; too busy, so much going on, so little time: well here’s a warning. Plaque leads to a build up of tartar, tooth decay and gum disease and the loss of teeth and a general breakdown in your health. So what’s the best option, other than the best products around? Well your dentist. Problems like this identified and picked up on quickly if you keep up with your visits, any signs of plaque can be diagnosed and dealt with so that you can avoid very hectic and very expensive treatments in the future. Plaque is the ongoing battle that affects our teeth daily, but it is beatable daily as well.

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