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Aug 19th, 2019 Cosmetic Veneers: Could these be North London’s Best? Get in touch

If you’re looking for porcelain veneers in North London, it could be time to to take a trip to Aqua Dental Clinic.

When teeth are worn, discouloured or damaged, veneers and a fantastic fix.

Porcelain veneers, are thin porcelain coverings fabricated in the dental laboratory specifically for a specific tooth. They give excellent cosmetics in the right situation.

Tooth preparation for porcelain veneers usually involves minimal to moderate removal of tooth enamel (the outer shell of the tooth). Depending on the complexity of eaach case, some of the tooth’s dentin layer must also be removed occasionally before fitting.

It’s a simple treatment, which can usually be treated in just two or three visits.

First off, a smile analysis is usually performed using a camera, and stone models of teeth. The proposed final mockup is generated using computer imaging or by using white dental placed on the model.

The exact effect can be discussed and made with your dentist during this visit.

Once you’ve both agreed on the perfect result, your dentist will administer¬† anaesthetic to remove parts of the teeth using a diamond bur to make way for the veneers.

Temporary acrylic or composite shells are fabricated by our in-house laboratory to prevent tooth sensitively and shifting. Impressions are then made, and the stone models are sent to a laboratory that specialises in the fabrication of the permanent veneers.

At the following visit, these will be bonded in place. Before being applied, veneers appear very delicate. However, once securely bonded into place, they become much more rugged.

The materials used to bond veneers in place can make the world of difference to the overall affect, as does any colouring you’ve chosen beforehand. You should work with your dentist to choose a shade that’s an exactl match to your natural teeth – so it is helpful to have a dentist who has plenty of experience.

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