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Apr 11th, 2013 Pretty Invisalign in the City of London Get in touch

It isn’t an easy time for anyone when they have to embark on the dark period of wearing braces; fortunately, it isn’t about the metal-work anymore, thanks to those gorgeous Yanks from across the pond. America has revolutionised the world of orthodontics in this country and in the city of London- for the better too. One of the most innovative treatments in tooth alignment from the States can be found with Invisalign. This is unbelievable and goes against all the traditional conventions that were laid out by boring old braces. For a start, you can take it out at your leisure, so it poses no problems when it comes cleaning your teeth or sitting down to a lovely dinner. The best thing though is that it is made in the shape of a gum-shield, an invisible gum-shield! This aligner is constructed from clear plastic, so unless you point it out, no-one would even know you were wearing it- how good is that?!! And for the icing, this device works faster than most other devices on the market today. Okay, it may be expensive and it won’t work for everyone, but hey, if it does, then go for it.


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