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Aug 9th, 2012 Pretty Veneers in London W1 Get in touch

It’s said that the radiance of your smile reflects the beauty that lies within and in a glamorous place like London W1, it can mean the difference between success and failure and in with the wonderful world of cosmetic dentistry at your disposal, there is really no excuse for having a bad smile. If you have any problems with your teeth looking worn and tired, you should look into the idea of getting some pretty porcelain veneers fitted as they are remarkable for covering up aged teeth and will make your smile look twenty years younger. Porcelain is a beautiful material that takes the light in and then radiates it back, so imagine that effect every time you open your mouth. Porcelain veneers are a wafer thin covering designed to fit over the teeth and hide up cracks receding gums and discolouration whilst restoring the length of the teeth back to how they were; all you need to do is get your teeth prepared first- this will involve the removal of the enamel (in most cases) before a mould can be made, from which the veneers are made and in a couple of week’s time, they are cemented onto the teeth. They will have been colour coded to match the rest of your teeth and the results are frankly beautiful. Prices vary from place to place, but then, what price beauty eh? If you want to look at your peak, these could be just what you’ve been looking for.

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