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Sep 10th, 2010 Prevent dental decay with check up at West London dentist Get in touch

Tooth decay can be the cause of serious dental health problems that can lead to dental infections, lost teeth and a lot of pain. Decay is caused by bacteria and plaque eroding the protective layer of tooth enamel that coats the teeth. This then exposes the more sensitive parts of the teeth to the threat of decay.

Tooth decay starts when bacteria build up on food particles that are trapped in the teeth. The warm and moist areas of the mouth are the perfect area for bacteria to breed. This build up of bacteria becomes a substance called plaque, which is filmy and sticky and clings to the teeth. The bacteria then begins to release acids which slowly erode the enamel on the teeth.

This process can be halted by effective cleaning of the teeth with brushing and flossing. This will remove bacteria and the food particles that they thrive on and keep the surfaces of the teeth clean. The other important thing to remember is that you should always be visiting your West London dentist every six months who will be able to monitor your teeth for the first signs of decay. This is important because even the best cleaned teeth can be at risk from decay.

If decay does begin to damage the teeth, it may require a dental filling to fill the cavity it has created or in extreme cases a dental crown. If left unchecked the decay will slowly but surely destroy the tooth and cause a great deal of pain as the infection attacks the dental nerve. Therefore it is very important that you keep your teeth as clean as possible and have them regularly examined for decay. Dental decay cannot be reversed but it can be prevented.

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