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Jan 13th, 2010 Preventing gum disease by a City of London dentist Get in touch

Prevention is better than a cure every time says a City of London dentist. Gum disease is a by-product of modern living and a lax attitude to the problem. Once a disease of the gums like Gingivitis gets a hold, it is almost impossible to eliminate, the best your dentist can hope to do is to slow down the progress of the disease. Tooth loss is just one aspect of it, once the bacteria starts eating into the gum itself it will then expose the part of the tooth it protects. That vulnerable part of the tooth starts to collect plaque quickly and the damage is done, often resulting in a premature loss of an otherwise healthy tooth. This is often due to a lax attitude in simple oral care, flossing twice a day, mouth washing with a good solution, using the correct brush and actually brushing in the correct manner can all make it difficult for bacteria to breed in the mouth, eliminating the worst kinds of gum disease. Gingivitis is the worst that most people suffer from, and this is a very advanced case of periodontal disease. Soreness, constant bleeding and infection will follow, along with more frequent and longer visits to that place we all hate, the dentist’s chair. Why do we do it, why do we suffer all this when a little change to our oral care habits would stop it almost completely? There is only one word to explain it…laziness. There I’ve said it…laziness, if being lazy lost us money or our good looks and charm, then we’d do something about it, but because we treat oral care with contempt we then suffer later on. Your dentist is there to help you with preventive measures as well as treatment, take a little time on your next visit to have a chat about gum disease prevention.

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