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Aug 26th, 2013 Preventing Gum Disease In West London Get in touch

944335_blogPreventative dentistry is a term used to stop you from suffering from nasty and spiteful conditions further down the line. The basics are what you would normally recognise whenever you go for a check-up in west London; scaling and polishing, fillings etc, and your dentist will know what to look for and sort you out fast- anything that keeps your teeth and gums clean. It also involves educating you in order that you are careful with what you do at home. This can involve advice on your oral hygiene, your diet and the results that smoking and drinking and other bad habits can have on your mouth. All of this is designed to make you aware of the dangers that are always around in your mouth every day and just how quickly things can run amok. One specifically nasty one is gum disease and not only will this run riot in your mouth and cause you teeth to decay and fall out, but it will also run riot in your body too, poisoning all of your vital organs. This is what preventative dentistry is designed to do for you.

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