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Oct 10th, 2012 Pristine Porcelain Veneers in Central London Get in touch

It’s a sad fact, but we get older each year and somehow, things start to jade and lose their youthfulness all over the body and this also goes for your teeth. The may start to discolour, wear down and become cracked. In some cases, your gums may also start to recede. However, to every problem in your mouth there is a solution and flying around central London right now is a little cracker that will cover up all of these issues and put the spring into your smile once again- the porcelain veneer. It looks unbelievably fragile when you see it at first, yes it’s pretty, but it’s so thin it’s hard to see just how this tiny thing of beauty can do so much. Yet once your teeth are prepared by removing the enamel and the measurements made, once the veneers has been cemented into place, its strength multiplies, making it over 15 years durable if you look after it. But it’s the look that will take your breath away. Seeing as porcelain is naturally beautiful, in your mouth it will shave years off your smile and rejuvenate the way you look once more. It’s a simple and painless process and relatively cheap to have done- it can also be carried out on the NHS, but if you want to look good forever and cover up a lot of problems, this is probably the best option you can choose.

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