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Jan 4th, 2013 Problem Solving With A Dental Crown In London W1 Get in touch

Whenever we have anything go wrong with our teeth, like through damage from injury, decay or complete tooth loss, then for the general balance and health of our mouths, we’ll need to get repairs done. In all of the above scenarios, the best option to get the tooth back into shape again, or in fact replace it, it’s going to take a dental crown to do the job and there are a few good ones to choose from in London W1. The crown you choose invariably relies on the job it has to do in the mouth; at the front of the mouth, teeth generally just have to look pretty, so a crown here can be made from pure porcelain, although some people just can’t resist the glitz of gold to show off with. But gold is also perfect for strength and it is also preferred for crowns that go through a lot of work at the back of the mouth. There is also another crown that can withstand a lot of forces and that’s a porcelain-over-metal crown and again, perfect for the back of the mouth. Prices for these vary dramatically, anywhere upward of £200, and so you need to do some serious shopping around to find the one that suits your bank account, although your dental insurance may cover it.

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