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Mar 5th, 2013 Problem solving with Dental Crowns in London Get in touch

For decades now, dental crowns have been used to reconstruct damaged teeth and replace missing ones; an imperative operation in order to maintain the mouth’s bite, to prevent further problems like infections breaking out in surrounding teeth and of course, to promote and retain the beauty of your smile: this damage we speak of can be caused by decay or by an injury and each condition is different, so crowns are made bespoke for you to overcome you particular problem. The most popular choice of crown in London right now is one that is made from porcelain or for strength, porcelain-over-metal: porcelain is a beautiful material that is perfect for this type of reconstruction as it can be colour coded to fit in with your surrounded teeth so that you couldn’t tell that you had any problem at all- unlike gold crowns. Using this material is rather in your face and you can’t miss one in the mouth, but then that’s the point of going for gold, it can be seen as a bit of a status symbol. However, it is strong and can be used anywhere in the mouth. Prices vary tremendously, but generally, prices start at around £200, but if you need one, price doesn’t really come into it, it’s the wellbeing of your mouth that matters.


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