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Mar 15th, 2010 Protect your teeth from grinding during sleep at London W1 dentist Get in touch

Teeth grinding during sleep may not seem like the biggest problem other than being annoying for anyone you have to share a bed with, but if it continues over a period of time it can break down tooth enamel and cause serious structural damage to teeth.

Also known as bruxism, for many years subconscious teeth grinding was thought to be caused solely by stress and anxiety. This may be true for some cases but these tend to be temporary. Many dentists have conducted studies in recent years to demonstrate another more common cause for the condition.

They have concluded that bruxism is more often than not caused by a disruption in bite. This is the way the top and bottom teeth sit together and can be affected by such factors as physical trauma, tooth loss and tooth movement. If the teeth do not sit together comfortable it may cause the jaw muscles to spasm and move, which leads the teeth to rub against each other.

If this happens for several hours a night over an extended period you can imagine that it doesn’t take long before an irreversible process of enamel removal begins to take effect. If the enamel breaks down it can lead to dangerous cavities which expose the dental nerves to infection and can be extremely painful. London W1 dentists can treat bruxism ether by correcting the misalignment or by providing the patient with a dental appliance to protect the teeth during sleep.

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