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Dec 13th, 2011 Protecting Oral Occlusions in the City of London Get in touch

There are many aspects to your mouth and how to keep it healthy and there are many fields within dentistry in the city of London to help you achieve it. But what all these fields veer towards is the protection of the mouth’s occlusion- the way the jaws bite together, as repairing any damage to the jaws can become complex, but also cause further damage within the neck and upper back. To do this, you must first get your teeth straight and in line and for this you will require an aligner or brace. Once this has been sorted out, over the years, you could suffer from a little decay which will require a crown to ensure the tooth is the correct size. Tooth loss will also have to be addressed as well with a bridge, an implant or a partial denture to prevent the remaining teeth from further movement and affecting the jaws. Two real dangers to your mouth’s bite however, are teeth grinding and contact sports, as you are throwing extra stress onto jaws and in danger of causing the point at where the jaws meet to break down and become worn; your dentist can advise you on the correct way of guarding your mouth, but in the case of grinding, it indicates that you could be under a lot of stress, and you will need to undergo some counseling and possibly anger management in order to get the problem under control.

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