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Jul 31st, 2017 Protecting Your Hollywood Smile in Four Easy Steps Get in touch

If you’ve got a brand new Oscar-worthy Hollywood smile, it’s understandable to want to protect it and show it off in all its glory for years to come. Here are 4 easy steps you can take to keep that smile in tip-top condition:

  1. Maintain good oral hygiene at home: good oral hygiene is your best weapon against dental diseases like decay and gum disease. Brush twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, for at least 2 minutes each time. Use a brush with a small head, and move it slowly in circular motions. Cover every single tooth, and don’t be too firm with your toothbrush. Angle the head of the brush so that you can clean along the gum line.
  2. Watch what you eat: your diet has a significant role to play when it comes to your oral health. Some foods are good for your teeth, while others can be harmful. Try and avoid foods that contain a lot of sugar and acidic foods and drinks. If possible, avoid snacking, and stick to 3 main meals per day.
  3. Keep in touch with your dentist: even if your smile looks fabulous and you don’t have any pain, it’s still important to see your dentist on a regular basis. Ideally, we recommend routine checks every 6-9 months. If you have any issues, such as swollen gums or toothache between checks, don’t wait. Give us a call as soon as possible, and we’ll arrange an appointment with you.
  4. Use a straw: when you’ve got a Hollywood smile, you want to keep your smile sparkling, so try and avoid drinks that contain staining agents, such as coffee, tea, cola, dark juice drinks and smoothies and wine. If you are drinking something that has a strong colour, use a straw.

If you need any tips or advice, our experienced dental team will be happy to help.

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