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Feb 6th, 2013 Purity Through The Porcelain Veneer In London W1 Get in touch

Porcelain is a remarkable material; it is pure in its colour and has a wonderful way of capturing the light and then throwing it back out again. This is rather akin to the way the enamel of your teeth works when your teeth are clean and healthy. So it’s not surprising then that the world of dentistry in London W1 has embraced the use of porcelain and uses it to repair your smile cosmetically when things start to go wrong with age. As you get older, there is a great likelihood that your teeth will succumb to problems; they may be become discoloured and wear down in length, your gums may begin to recede a little and gaps may begin to appear between your teeth. This can make your smile look very tired and it can affect the way you project yourself. Porcelain veneers are the perfect answer to all of these issues: they are a small, wafer thin covering that fit over the prepared surfaces of your teeth. Once your teeth are prepped, a cast can be taken that highlights the problems that age has done to you, whilst giving the dimensions that the veneers will be made to. Once they return from the lab, your dentist will give you a quick clean and then cement the veneers into place. They will be cleaned up and polished and you leave with a completely new smile. The results are very rewarding and gone are any signs of ageing.

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