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Aug 7th, 2014 Put An End To Troublesome Central London Snoozing Get in touch

758140_blogAre you a snore bore? Does your family constantly remind you of your embarrassing sleep disorder? You are not alone. If you’d like to finally put an end to your troublesome snoozing woes, book an appointment with the gentle dentists, we are here help!

Snoring can be potentially harmful to your health and can be a sign of underlying disorders such as sleep apnoea. It can interrupt your sleeping patterns and those of your loved ones. It can make everyone in your household cranky, tired and restless during the day.

Why Do You Snore?

A common reason for snoring is being overweight. Regular alcohol consumption and smoking can contribute to this problem also. A shift to a healthier lifestyle is the first step to a snore free snooze-fest.

Snoring is mostly harmless and can happen when we lay in certain sleeping positions or when we are ill with a chesty cough or cold. If it happens frequently however, it could signify further underlying health problems and medical advice should be sought.

How Can The Gentle Dentists Help?

If you shift your focus to a healthier lifestyle, change your sleeping position and you still manage to snore till the foundations shake you could always try our anti-snoring treatment designed to control your snoring woes. We have devices which keep the airways open by holding the mandibular bone to sit in a higher position.

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