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Mar 23rd, 2015 Put the Spring into Your Smile with Six Month Braces Get in touch

2977218_blogIf you’re searching for way to put your spring into your smile, we highly recommend Six Month Smiles. If you have crooked/crowded teeth or you’re looking for a solution for spaces in your smile, this speedy brace could be the perfect choice.

About Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is an amazing example of how far orthodontic treatment has come. In just six months, this fixed brace system can create beautiful smiles by correcting common orthodontic issues, including mild crowding and gaps between the front teeth.

Six Month Smile braces comprise of clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires for a discreet aesthetic and they employ gentle, friction free forces to move the teeth comfortably and quickly.

Is Six Month Smiles for me?

If you like the idea of a discreet, rapid fixed brace treatment and you have orthodontic problems that involve the front teeth, Six Month Smiles could be a good option for you. This treatment is not ideally suited to every patient, as it focuses solely on the teeth at the front of the mouth. However, it is a versatile solution and it could be of benefit to you.

In order to determine whether a particular treatment is suited to an individual, our dentists arrange a consultation to carry out a range of tests, which ascertain the orthodontic prescription. Our dentists also chat to patients to see what kinds of treatments they would prefer and discuss other factors such as treatment fees and pros and cons. Once you have all the information you need, you can then make a decision about which treatment is best for you.

If you think Six Month Smiles could be an option for you this spring, call us now! In just six month’s time, you could be sporting an amazing new smile.

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