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Jul 22nd, 2015 Putting Dental Phobia in the Past Get in touch

585983_blogAt Aqua Dental Spa we understand dental phobia and have plenty of experience in treating nervous patients. Dr Anoop Maini has over 10 years of experience providing treatment under sedation and our practice is Dental Phobia Certified. When you come to us, we guarantee a friendly welcome, compassionate care and the best possible treatment. Together, we can work to build your confidence, ease your fears and make dental phobia a thing of the past.

One of the most effective ways of dealing with dental phobia is offering treatment under sedation. Sedation helps patients to feel relaxed before and during a procedure and can really make going to the dentist a less daunting prospect for the future.

About sedation

Sedation is a commonly used technique in medicine and dentistry. It is used to make patients feel calm and relaxed and involves using sedative medication to induce a profound state of relaxation on the body and mind. When you are sedated you will still be conscious, but you will feel drowsy and won’t experience any discomfort.

After the effects of the sedative have started to wear off you will still feel a little drowsy, but you will be able to go home. We ask for you to arrange for somebody to take you home and you should avoid exercise, drinking alcohol, making important decisions, driving and operating machinery for at least 24 hours. Most people don’t remember much about procedure when they have been sedated.

If you are a nervous patient, please don’t hesitate to call and find out more about our services for anxious patients. We will be happy to arrange a consultation so you can meet the team, ask questions, find out more about us and have a look around the clinic.

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