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Sep 5th, 2012 Quick and crafty Cosmetic Bonding in West London Get in touch

For the vain, glamorous, beautiful and professional among us, the smile is one of the most important equations in the jigsaw of looking great; after all, your smile is one of the first things someone notices in west London. However, over time, the teeth can start to take a bit of a battering and the smile can start to lose its flavour. So, time to call for help and if you require a quick and crafty fix to get yourself back in the game, look no further than cosmetic bonding, for this treatment can get you up and smiling again in around an hour. So, if you teeth have cracked, become worn or just got a little discoloured, get along to your dentist for a session of bonding. First, your teeth will be cleaned and prepared for you to receive your first layer of colour coded resin; once on, it is then ‘cured’ with a heat lamp. Over and over, the process is repeated until there is enough for your dentist to work with. Then the teeth are shaped and beautifully sculptured until the desired result has been achieved; finally, they are polished. The results are wonderful and instant on all levels and another beauty of this treatment is that it can be touched up in the future should anything go awry.

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