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Jan 8th, 2013 Quick Dentistry With CEREC In West London Get in touch

People in high tempo world like west London don’t like to hang about for too long, as they like to get things done quickly and keep moving onwards and upwards, which can sometimes get in the way when they need to do the basics as well, like going to the dentists. This is a time where they can find themselves in an awful catch 22 situation. They need to look at their best whilst rushing ahead, yet find it difficult to find time to fit in treatments to keep their teeth looking at their best. Well, CEREC has changed all of that and is designed to make and fix fittings for your mouth in around the hour! Images will be taken of the area that needs attention and then fed into a computer which will design your new fitting. Whilst you are being readied, the computer then relays the information into a machine to make your fitting. Some twenty minutes later it done and ready to be cemented into place. The good thing here is that if there are problems, they can be corrected there and then. This technology is used for creating dental bridges, veneers and crowns and it is the perfect way to put a smile back on your face without interfering with your busy schedule.

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