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Aug 18th, 2010 Quicker and better straightening with Six Month Brace from Central London dentist Get in touch

When it comes to dental health and dental treatments, the US is always way ahead of the rest of the world. They pioneer the latest treatments and invest millions in the latest innovation. But the UK is close behind and frequently looking across the Atlantic for the next big thing in dental treatment. This is how we come to know about the latest orthodontic treatment that has been very successful in the US.

The Six Month Brace is a new system that allows for effective straightening of the teeth without the discomfort and pain associated with traditional braces. In a world where straighter teeth is becoming a more important quality, a system that delivers straighter teeth without the drawbacks is very important and this is the main reason for the success of the Six Month Brace.

The other major advantage of the Six Month is that treatment only lasts an average of six months, hence the clever name. This is on average about 75 per cent faster than the old style braces, which can make a significant difference to people’s lives, especially for younger patients not so keen on the idea of braces.

The treatment is also more discreet, using tooth-coloured wires and clear plastic brackets to minimise the aesthetic impact of the brace. Although there may be some initial discomfort when the brace has just been fitted, common to all orthodontic treatments, the Six Month is general much more comfortable than other braces and requires fewer check up appointments. A fifteen-minute appointment with a Central London dentist every five to six weeks is all that is needed during the course of treatment.

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