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Jun 19th, 2013 Radiant Teeth in London and Enlightened with it! Get in touch

Teeth whitening have become a huge industry and there are many ways you can get the look you want in London. But if you are going to have it done, you might as well cut to the chase, treat yourself and get the best out there, and for around £400, you can get Enlighten Tooth Whitening- considered by many in the dental world to be the best around. You first have the bleaching trays at the dentists and then you will be supplied with the kit, then you go home and fit the trays with the bleach into the mouth every night for the next two weeks. This means that you won’t notice a thing and it allows you to carry on as normal each day, though you must avoid putting anything in your mouth that is likely to stain the enamel. Once over, your dentist will give you a little once-over and then you go away with an amazing set off teeth that will look better than anyone else’s you know. Your dentist will help you with anything that you need to know and will be there for you if you have any problems- go on, give your teeth a treat.


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