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Apr 4th, 2009 Receive Tooth Fracture Treatment in the City of London Get in touch

If you are in a car accident, or suffer some other type of injury, one or more of your teeth may fracture. In these situations, it is very important to see your dentist as quickly as possible. For example, a dentist in the City of London can repair the tooth, as well as help protect it from bacteria and other pathogens that will lead to early decay. Typically, the sooner you have a tooth fracture taken care of, the better chance you will have of saving the tooth.Depending on the depth and size of the fracture, your dentist may have to clean each part of the tooth, and then bring it back into alignment. From there, your dentist will place a clamp on the tooth, and then create a groove on each side. At this stage, the dentist will look to apply a bonding agent that will prevent the tooth from falling apart. You may also need to have an amalgam filling. If the tooth is located in the front of your mouth, you may also want to have a veneer installed later on for aesthetic purposes.

While the events that can lead to a tooth fracture tend to be traumatic, there is no need to lose the affected tooth. Today, your City of London dentist can repair the fracture, and also ensure that you will be able to use the tooth for chewing and biting. Even if the fracture is fairly complicated, your dentist may still be able to place a crown over the tooth, or use fillings to restore it to a healthy condition. That said, the longer you wait to treat a tooth fracture, the greater chance you will run of losing the tooth. This is especially important to consider if the fracture exists below the gum line, or it affects the roots.

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