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Jan 23rd, 2012 Recognising and getting treatment for Oral Cancer in the City of London Get in touch


Getting the news that you have oral cancer can literally stop the city of London from moving around you and bring your world tumbling down. Such is the nature of the word cancer and it has ghastly terminal overtones to it. But you can take heart from the fact that all the money that has been thrown at it is starting to pay dividends and more and more people are recovering successfully form treatment. But on a dour note, there are a lot more reported cases of oral cancer throughout the city as well- what causes it is still a grey area, but people know a hell of a lot more about treating it. But, if you smoke and drink a lot, have a woeful diet, poor oral hygiene and are constantly stressed out and run down, this isn’t going to help your cause in anyway whatsoever. The things to watch out for are constant sore throats and ulcer, neck and earache and lumps in the mouth that come and stay. It’s at this point you need to get along to the dentist or doctor and get some tests done and if the news come back as bad, you then need to take your life by the horns and prepare yourself for treatment. What form this takes is determined by how bad the problem is, but afterwards, you are going to alter your philosophy towards life and turn things upside. Having good friends, family and healthcare around you will help you to make a full recovery.

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