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Aug 3rd, 2010 Reliable and stable dental implants from City of London dentist Get in touch

If you have ever lost a tooth for whatever reason, you will know just how painful it can be and not just physically. The emotional pain and embarrassment that can happen as the result of a lost tooth can be very significant. There is also the fact that missing teeth can have a wider physiological impact on the mouth and head to consider. This is why City of London dentists always recommend that patients try to replace missing teeth with restorations.

There are a number to choose from including dental bridges and partial dentures but it is perhaps the dental implant that is the most popular. There are several key reasons why the implant has the advantage over its nearest rivals. The most obvious is that it is the only restoration that replaces the whole of the tooth from top to bottom. This includes the tooth root, making it the most stable and realistic of all the dental replacements. This added stability means that unlike some other dental replacements, there is no food that is off limits and needs to be voided for fear of damaging your artificial tooth.

The dental implant itself is a small titanium screw that the dentist will drill directly into your jawbone. Once in the bone it will need some time to set firm before it can be used as a base for an artificial tooth. Implants can be used as a base for one or more teeth which will be manufactured from porcelain specially chosen to match that of the existing enamel. Find out more about the benefits of dental implants at your next check up appointment with a City of London dentist.

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