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Feb 24th, 2012 Removing the Risks of Oral Problems by Flossing in London W1 Get in touch

4732933_blogOne of the greatest things to be placed on the shelves of shops in London W1, dental related of course, is dental floss, because it is the work of a genius.

Regular brushing is a must everyday in order to take on the ongoing fight against plaque, but brushing does not cut the mustard when it comes to getting between the teeth where food can get stuck, go off and then breed bacteria, leading to gum disease and tooth decay.

Flossing, however, is the real ace in the pack in fighting off such problems. There are many to choose from, so you need to find one that works for you and when you have, you need to be patient and learn how to use it. You have to wind a strip between your fingers and then work it between your teeth and up into the gums. It should be moved all around until you are sure you have removed any lingering food- this should be done in front of a mirror so you can see what you are doing at first, then it will become natural to you and you can go all around your mouth at leisure wherever you may be.

Most flosses have bacteria and plaque fighting ingredients built into the floss so it can only be good for your overall oral health. However, it is not a pretty operation, so you would be wise to do it in the privacy of your own company.

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