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May 29th, 2018 Repairing and Perfecting Your Teeth with Cosmetic Bonding Get in touch

Many of us dream of having a perfect smile. Sadly, we don’t all have pristine teeth. The good news is that you don’t have to give up your aspirations for a beautiful smile if you’ve got minor imperfections. Thanks to treatments like cosmetic bonding, we can repair and perfect your smile with minimal hassle and no pain at all.

What is cosmetic bonding?

Cosmetic bonding is a treatment, which is used to address a diverse range of aesthetic flaws. If you have chipped, worn, uneven or misshapen teeth, or you have gaps between your teeth, cosmetic bonding could be an ideal solution for you. Also known as composite bonding, this treatment offers a cheaper, faster and less intensive alternative to veneers and tooth straightening.

The bonding procedure involves using a dental material called composite to alter the aesthetic of individual teeth. Your dentist will apply and shape the tooth-coloured material to repair chips, build up worn surfaces and modify the shape of the teeth. The changes to each tooth may be very minor, but the overall impact is incredible. At room temperature, dental composite is soft and putty-like, and this means that your dentist can mould it to achieve the perfect aesthetic. Once the composite is in the right place, and your dentist is happy, they will set it firm using a curing light. This isn’t painful at all and it only takes a minute.

What are the advantages of cosmetic bonding?

Cosmetic bonding is a really versatile treatment, which can produce outstanding results. The procedure is relatively simple, it doesn’t involve any pain at all, and it takes just one hour. The results are visible immediately, and treatment is much cheaper than braces and veneers. If you’re self-conscious when you smile because you’ve got chipped teeth or spaces between your teeth, why not get in touch and find out more?

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