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Jul 25th, 2012 Replace a Missing Tooth with Secure and Durable Dental Bridges at Your City of London Dentist Get in touch

Dental bridges are tool that your City of London dentist has with which to fix a missing tooth. Even if it is not noticeable it is important to have any missing tooth filled without delay. Left empty there is a risk that the other teeth around the gap will begin to spread and curve into the gap, over time greatly worsening your dental situation.

Dental bridges are very popular because they are strong but don’t require the serious surgery that dental implants need. A fixed bridge gets its strength from the surrounding teeth. If you have a healthy tooth on both sides of your gap you will be able to have a bridge. Your dentist will file down the two healthy teeth to be the perfect arrangement for crowns to fit on top. The crowns that will be bonded onto the two healthy teeth are permanently and securely bonded together with a false tooth between them. When the crowns are then bonded into position the false tooth will fit comfortably in between, filling the gap.

Another form of bridge is called the resin bonded bridge. Often if you have lost one tooth it’s not unlikely that you have lost some more alongside it. If there is only a single health tooth next to the gap a resin bond can be used to affix with metal strips a false tooth the healthy tooth. Although this method is not as strong it is often used for your front teeth. This can be done because the front teeth do not experience the same level of impact as the back teeth. It is also possible to have the bonded metal strips behind the front teeth where they will never be seen.


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