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Dec 7th, 2009 Replace missing teeth with state-of-the-art dentures from London W1 dentist Get in touch

Even though awareness about tooth decay and gum disease is far greater now than it ever was, and dental technology has advanced to incredible levels in recent years, many people still suffer the pain and embarrassment of losing their teeth. Whether it is due to a head trauma or dental phobia has prevented a patient from visiting the dentist, missing teeth can cause significant health and lifestyle problems. The most common solution is to have a set of dentures fitted to act as artificial teeth. Without dentures, eating and talking can become very problematic and facial structure and tissue support is also adversely affected.

Dentures have often been the cause of stereotyping and stigmas which are finally being overturned. Unlike dentures of the past, modern dental prosthetics are comfortable, well-fitted and realistic. London W1 dentists have a wide variety of dentures to choose from, suitable for all patients and ranging from £400 to £4,000 in cost.

Once fitted, it is important to keep up regular appointments with a London W1 dentist as gum tissue erosion can cause dentures to become loose and fall out which can be embarrassing. Well-maintained and cared for dentures and gums should be secure and limit the effect on the patient’s lifestyle. Some patients who are anxious about loose dentures resort to denture adhesives, which can be messy and prohibit the eating of certain foods. One option for anxious patients is to have a series of mini-implants fitted into the jawbone to act as a secure anchor for dentures to prevent the possibility of embarrassing loose dentures.

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