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May 20th, 2010 Restore your confidence with dentures from London W1 dentist Get in touch

Losing your teeth can be a painful and embarrassing experience. It can also be the cause of further health complications, as well as making everyday activities such as eating and talking quite difficult. When the teeth are lost, the face also loses some of its underlying structure. This can cause a sagging appearance in the facial tissue, which if not dealt with will become permanent and also make the patient look significantly older.

This is why London W1 dentists recommend that patients who have lost their teeth should replace them with a set of dentures. Modern dentures are more comfortable and realistic than ever before. They will be designed and manufactured specifically for your teeth so that they fit comfortably and firmly around the gums. A well-made set of dentures should stay in place by suction alone, although due to gum erosion this can sometimes be a problem. Some patients resort to using denture adhesive gels or strips to secure the dentures although these can sometimes be a bit messy. If your dentures are loose and causing anxiety then you should make an appointment with the dentist to have any necessary adjustments made.

There is also another alternative called mini-implants, which can act as a solid base for dentures. Mini-implants are a series of small screws that are secured directly into the jawbone. These screws are used as the base for clips that can be used to attach dentures. The dentures can then be clipped on and off when they are removed. This alleviates the anxiety that can sometimes be caused by loose dentures and means there are no foods that are off-limits, which can often be the case for regular denture wearers.

To restore your smile and confidence, make an appointment with a London W1 dentist to discuss the possibility and suitability of dentures.

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