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Sep 20th, 2010 Restored smile with porcelain veneers from Central London dentist Get in touch

When the teeth are in bad condition either because of worn enamel, staining or chips and cracks this can often spoilt the look of the teeth and make patients very self-conscious. The teeth are such an important part of the smile and the way a person looks that being embarrassed by the condition of the teeth can be very emotionally damaging.

Luckily, thanks to cosmetic dentistry procedures there are ways to completely restore the appearance of the teeth. In the instance of damaged enamel it is often porcelain veneers that are used to repair the damage. Veneers are thin ceramic caps that are placed over the top of the existing teeth and cemented in place with dental bonding.

The veneers will be specially made to fit your teeth and suit the existing shape of the teeth. In the past, veneers often required the removal of some tooth enamel to allow them to fit over the top of the natural teeth. However, natural veneers are so thin that they can fit over the top of the teeth with little or no underlying damage to the teeth. In fact, some veneers are about the same width as a contact lens and still very durable. Others can even fit over the top of existing dental work.

Porcelain veneers can be expensive but that is because they are so effective and last for such a long time. With the proper care and attention, veneers can last up to twenty years before they need to be replaced but you must remember that veneers can yellow just like normal tooth enamel. Central London dentists can give you a better idea of how much enamels might cost and the benefits they could have for your teeth.

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