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Nov 21st, 2009 Reverse the aging process with dermal fillers from City of London dentist Get in touch

Dentists are increasingly offering small-scale cosmetic facial treatments as part of a wider smile makeover treatment. A smile makeover is a comprehensive restructuring of the smile to give more even and white teeth and an all round more attractive appearance. Just as every picture needs a frame, the smile needs a healthy and firm looking lips and facial tissue to complete the appearance.

Facial tissue wrinkles and sags over time as one of the inevitabilities of life. Even the most rigorous skincare regime can only delay the process. Dermal fillers, such as collagen and Botox can artificially reduce and even reverse the impact of aging on the skin. When injected into the facial muscles they interrupt the transmissions of nerve endings which cause movement in the muscles. It is this repeated movement that causes tissue to wrinkle and sag.

First used in the US about twenty years ago, dermal fillers are no longer the preserve of the rich and famous. The wider availability combined with a greater affordability means that dermal fillers are now considered a normal cosmetic treatment like a hair cut.

If applied by a professional, dermal fillers carry little or no risk and involve no surgical cutting of the skin beyond an injection. Because they mostly utilise substances that occur naturally in the body and have only temporary effects there is little risk of any long-term damage. The active ingredient hyaluronic acid is the substance that naturally makes skin look plump and healthy.

90 per cent of patients notice a visible improvement in their skin within 48 hours and treatments last up to four months before they need topping up. Make an appointment with a City of London dentist to find out more about dermal fillers and the benefits for your skin.

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