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Oct 15th, 2009 Revolutionary CEREC technology from West London dentist Get in touch

For patients who have chipped or cracked teeth, suffer from extensive discolouration or have worn or unevenly spaced teeth, having dental veneers may be an easy and convenient way to create a beautiful smile. With the advances on dental technology over the last twenty-five years it is now possible to design, manufacture and fit dental veneers in only one appointment.

Leading the way in this new technology is CEREC. Standing for CEramic REConstruction, CEREC is at the cutting edge of cosmetic dentistry. Before CEREC, dentists would have to make several moulds of patient’s teeth and take several x-rays. It would then take several weeks to fabricate the veneers in laboratory conditions. CEREC uses the latest in digital x-rays and 3D imaging to create a three dimensional replica of the patient’s teeth on the computer. The dentist is then able to digitally design the veneers to microscopic degrees of accuracy. When they are satisfied with the results they can then sculpt the veneers or crowns from a single piece of ceramic using a computer-guided milling machine.

This manufacturing process can take as little as six minutes to create a veneer, an astonishing leap from the old laboratory fabrications. CEREC veneers can be incredible thin which means that little preparation work is needed for the teeth, especifically in terms of grinding away enamel so that it can support the new veneer. CEREC have also managed to replicate the translucency of natural enamel meaning that they appear incredibly lifelike.

CEREC technology is the future of dental technology. It is so cutting-edge that not every dentist possesses the necessary equipment but almost certainly will over the next few years. Cosmetic dentistry is in the middle of a computer-aided revolution. The results achievable for all kinds of dental problems could not have been dreamed of thirty years ago. Ask a West London dentist about CEREC technology and you might be able to benefit from the future of dentistry.

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