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Aug 9th, 2010 Revolutionary Clearstep braces and whitening from Central London dentist Get in touch

For many years, the only way of straightening teeth was with the traditional-style metal braces complete with metal wires and fixed brackets. Although effective, these braces really cared little for the impact they had on the smile aesthetically and could often be the source of discomfort and even pain, especially after tightening appointments.

Thankfully over the past decade, dentists have really been trying to develop more new treatments that offer the same rate of success but without the significant drawbacks of traditional braces. One of the most successful new treatments is called Clearstep and can be used to straighten many forms of alignment and bite issues that affect the teeth. Clearstep offers a more complete orthodontic treatment than many other of the new aligners which are limited in their impact to only minor straightening.

Clearstep retainers use a very high-grade plastic to manufacture their retainers, making them very discreet when in the mouth. This means they are perfect for young professionals and teenagers keen to avoid the stigma of wearing braces. The Clearstep brace is also completely removable which is also a bonus when it comes to cleaning and for special occasions.

Ingeniously, Clearstep braces can also be used in tandem with various whitening treatments meaning that not only will your teeth be straighter at the end of treatment, but they will also be whiter. This is possible because the Clearstep braces are specially designed to fit the individual’s teeth and the whitening agent can simply be added into the retainer. Clearstep braces cost in the range of £1,500 to about £4,000 depending on the needs of the patient, which is about the same as a traditional brace would cost from a Central London dentist.

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