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Oct 5th, 2012 Ridding yourself of Rotten Teeth in London W1 Get in touch

If you are going to get on in a place like London W1, you need to be at your best at all times, so having unsightly rotten teeth is really going to set you back. But it’s for health reasons that you should really get the problem fixed. Rotten teeth can be masking tooth decay and gum disease, cause your teeth to fall out in the long run and help promote bad breath. The first thing you need to do is get along to the dentists and check up for signs of problems and get them fixed. Decay can be countered with root canals and fillings, whilst any signs of gum disease can be also removed. Then, to get your teeth looking healthy once more, you will have to go down the cosmetic dentistry route. Having veneers or some cosmetic bonding done will cover up all the badness in your old teeth and leave them looking fabulous once more- you may even get lucky and just require a bleaching treatment. Of course, you also need to re-evaluate the cause of the problem in the first place- your oral hygiene program. You will have to change the way you clean your teeth daily and change your products to keep your teeth on track. It isn’t difficult, but it will take a bit of hard work in the beginning- rotten teeth have no real place in society to day and it’s just sheer laziness and ignorance that causes it in the first place. The benefits however will be very rewarding and will change the way people look at you.


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